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$590,250.00 USD

Type: Beds: 1 (up to 2) Baths: 1 (up to 2) Half Baths: (up to 2) Construction Size: 753.474 Sq. Ft. (up to 3229.173) Garage: N/A Type: N/A Year Built: 2025
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🌿 A Dream Come True

Twenty years ago, a dream took root. The developer stood on sacred land, sought permission, and began planting. They embraced the wisdom of the ancestors, and the land flourished. The mission evolved, and the community grew. Every harvest nourished their bodies and souls with passion. Today, inspired by new generations, they design innovative living spaces, blending art and technology. They know that fertile land will always bear fruit.

🏠 Design and Spaces

This development features 4 towers on a 1.5-hectare site, offering 84 apartments ranging from 70 m² to 300 m². Interiors are crafted by an exclusive design firm, with art selections curated by experts. Amenities include a pool, waterfalls, and water mirrors, creating a serene and unique environment.

🧘 Luxury Amenities

Enjoy private parking, a restaurant, Jungle Gym, Yoga Shala, and Fire Pit. This space integrates seamlessly with the Maya Jungle, providing a unique connection with nature. Its prime location in Tulum offers easy access to the Caribbean Sea and the modern tourist area.

🏝️ Seamless Connection

Proximity to the group’s hotel in Tulum allows for regular visits to enjoy events and amenities, making this place an extension of the residences. Residents can join the exclusive rental program and enjoy benefits at the Beach Club, Sunset Experience Copa del Pintor, and Sfer Ik Tulum.

🏡 Diverse Lifestyles

With 12 different layouts, ranging from 70 m² to 300 m², the housing options cater to diverse needs. Prices for the apartments start at $590,250 USD. This development is more than a home; it is a sanctuary blending ancestral heritage with modern comforts, offering a life in harmony with the land.

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